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Happy Nappies keep us happy :)

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Strict nappy rules apply to babies or toddlers in the pool. Our policy requires all children under the age of 3 to wear a disposable swimming nappy covered by a snuggly-fitting SplashAbout Happy Nappy. This also applies to children over the age of 3 who are not completely toilet trained. If your child is under 3 and has been completely toilet trained for at least 6 months please have a chat to one of our staff.

Unfortunately, if your child is not properly attired you cannot join the class. This policy is in place to ensure the highest possible water quality for our patrons. You can pick up a pack of disposable swimming nappies from your local supermarket, while your Happy Nappy can be purchased from the Fit2Swim service desk. Our staff will help ensure the correct size for your child.

Other options to the Happy Nappy are fine but they must have a thick elasticised band at the belly and thighs, as in the photo below. Baby swimsuits are not sufficient.

Also, please don't try to use a normal nappy under a Happy Nappy. It will absorb so much water that it will become nearly four times the size and your child will be very uncomfortable.

Thanks for keeping all of us happy!


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