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Welcome to Term 1 - important info for current students

Welcome back to our returning students and a big welcome to our new ones. Please log in to your account and click on "Bookings" if you want to check your class times or manage your bookings.

NOTING ABSENCES AND BOOKING MAKE-UPS We are happy to offer 2 make-up lessons per term. However, it is critical you follow this process and register any absence via the Customer Portal at least 24 hours before your lesson. This generates your make-up voucher but, more importantly, creates a space for others to book their make-ups. Please read all our terms regarding make-ups. We kindly request you adhere strictly to the rules so we can continue offering this benefit.

PROGRESS TRACKING AND MOVING UP LEVELS You can check the progress of students via the Customer Portal as well as watch our instructional videos. Key progress reviews occur in weeks 3 and 6 of term. If a student is ready to move up a level we will do our best to accommodate them in another class. In the meantime, our instructors will teach them at a higher level in their current class.

BUBS AND TODDLER NAPPY POLICY Pool cleanliness is of utmost importance. Please ensure your little one is properly attired before entering the water by following our nappy policy.

MEET OUR NEW TEAM MEMBERS We're delighted to have 2 new fantastic instructors join the Fit2Swim team: Wendy Doyle and Kaitlin Laycock. Take a moment to get to know our whole team a little better with our teacher profiles.

STAYING COVID-SAFE It is now mandatory to check-in before entering our venue. Please use the QR-code at the entrance to the building. We also remind you of our other covid-safety rules.

2021 TERM DATES To help you plan ahead, please note all term dates for 2021.

See you at the pool!

Dan, Jo and the Fit2Swim team


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