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How to note absences and book make-ups

Updated: Feb 2

To ensure you get a make-up session for a swimming lesson you can't attend, please follow this process

Please do not notify us of absences and/or book make-up lessons via phone, text, email or verbally to pool staff. All absences and make-ups must be booked via the Customer Portal. We deal with a very large number of students at our centre and rely on the online booking system to schedule our staff and create opportunites for you to book your make-ups. Please follow the steps below.

You must register an absence before a lesson to receive a voucher. Please provide at least 24 hours notice to enable others to use your spot for a make-up.

1. Go to the BOOKINGS tab and click 'View Details' on the session you want to cancel. DO NOT choose the 'Change Day & Time' option. This is for moving all your remaining sessions to a different time.

2. Click on 'Unable to Attend'. You will automatically be allocated a make-up voucher (Note, the 'Unable to Attend' button will not appear if you try to cancel within 24 hours):

3. To schedule a make-up session, go to your BOOKINGS. You will see your vouchers. Click on 'Make Booking':

4. Choose a suitable session and make the booking. When looking for a space for a make-up, it is often best to check within 24 hours of the time since there are a large number of day-before cancellations:

Our generous make-up policy allows two make-ups per term and must be used by the end of that term. Please take a moment to read the Absences and Make-Up Lessons section of our Terms of Service for a detailed explanation of our make-up policy.


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