we're passionate about swimming


At Fit2Swim we aim to make learning to swim a safe, enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone! Our family-run swim school caters for babies through to adults. Lessons are held in our brand-new, custom-built facility with a 20m indoor heated pool, showers, change rooms and separate viewing area. As our centre is dedicated to learning, there is no distraction from public swimmers. Also, our state-of-the-art water purification system means you enjoy the healthiest water possible and a wonderfully odour free environment.


At the baby and toddler stage, we introduce your child to the joy of swimming in a fun, friendly and social environment. We want your child to develop the same lifelong love for water as we have! Once they are familiar with the basic components of moving independently through water, your child progresses to stroke fundamentals, starting with freestyle and gradually introducing backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Our structured program provides a clear and achievable pathway towards improvement and development.



We partner with parents to support optimal learning for your kids. Our instructors are happy to provide feedback on your child after your lesson. Or you can monitor your child's progress at any time via the online customer portal, where we highlight key milestones reached.


All our instructors are accredited with AustSwim, passionate about swimming and highly committed to your child's swimming education. We take a patient, caring approach and our small classes ensure your child receives more personal attention.


For the more competent swimmers we offer squad level training - a great way to increase fitness. We also provide a class for those interested in competitive swimming. Other specialist classes include stroke correction and learn-to-swim for adults.


As a Royal Life Saving accredited swim school we recognise the importance of learning water safety and survival skills. We have ensured water safety education is a key component of every Fit2Swim lesson.


Our philosophy



From the names of our levels to our face-to-face teacher feedback and skills tracking on our customer portal, you gain a clear understanding of what your child is learning and how they are progressing. We also partner with parents to understand your child's individual needs and encourage practice between lessons.



Like you, we want to maximise the time your child spends learning during their swimming lesson. Our learn-to-swim class sizes are kept small (2-3 students) and we ensure every child is active throughout the entire lesson.



Respect for the teacher and respect for fellow students is paramount. All swimmers are expected to attend to the teacher throughout the lesson. Students watch each other and learn together.



Our students learn to encourage their fellow swimmers as they work toward group goals. Classes involve fun team activities that celebrate group 'wins' and create a positive and focused learning environment.

instructional videos

As a Fit2Swim customer you get exclusive access to a range of videos that reinforce the skills learnt in the lesson and help you to practice. See how our online progress tracking and instructional videos greatly enhance a student's learning and sense of achievement:


water safety programs

We believe children should learn the essential components of personal survival and water safety, in addition to effective swimming technique. Fit2Swim has teamed up with Royal Life Saving to incorporate their highly respected Swim and Survive program in all our swimming lessons.

The Swim and Survive program has made a significant contribution to reducing drowning and increasing participation in safe aquatic activity. Your child will learn such things as how to enter and exit water safely, correct use of flotation devices, and skulling on their back to safety.

Fit2Swim also provides tailored programs dedicated to water safety skills. Speak to us about a water safety program for your school, organisation or community group.


parent tips

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Arrive for lessons with plenty of time for your child to get ready in a relaxed manner, especially if the swimming lesson is a new experience. Arriving late can be very disruptive to the flow of the class and your child may miss out on learning important skills.



We recommend one piece costumes for girls and swim briefs for boys. Rinse all swimwear in tap water after your lessons to increase their lifespan. Wetsuits or rashies are not recommended as they hinder learning how to swim.



We recommend children over 3 years old wear a swimming cap. This helps keep the pool water clean but also keeps your child warmer and prevents their hair getting in their face during lessons. You can buy a cap from the Fit2Swim service desk if you don’t already have one.


Please remove your and your children's shoes and place them on the racks provided before entering the pool hall. This helps us maintain a dirt-free environment for everyone to enjoy.



For their own safety, it is essential that your child does not enter the pool before their scheduled lesson time and exits the pool promptly at the end of their lesson.


Goggles are not required for 0-3 year old classes as children need to learn to be comfortable with water. However, goggles are recommended for subsequent levels as children place their face under water for longer periods of time. You can buy a pair of goggles from the Fit2Swim service desk if you don’t already have one.



Strict rules apply to baby or toddler’s attire whether toilet trained or not. All children under the age of 3 must wear a disposable swimming nappy covered by a snuggly-fitting SplashAbout Happy Nappy. You can buy both types of nappies from the Fit2Swim service desk.


Please toilet your child prior to the lesson to avoid accidents and disruptions during the class.

Swimming Classes

0-3 year olds


This parent-and-baby class is designed for children 3 mths - 1 year old. We gently introduce your baby to the joys of swimming in a safe and nurturing environment. The focus is buoyancy and balance.

In this class we teach:

  • Correct adult holding positions for your baby in the pool
  • Buoyancy; feel and balance in the water on your baby’s fronts and back
  • Comfort and confidence in an aquatic environment
  • Going underwater and cue words for breath control
  • Safe pool entry and exit for you with your baby
Competency outcomes: You are confident supporting your baby in water. Your baby has a relaxed body position and is comfortable going underwater and assisted floating on their front and back.


This parent-and-child class is designed for children 2-3 years old and develops your child's confidence in water. The focus is independent movement in water. Your child learns to:

  • Kick on front and back
  • Paddle using correct reach and pull motion
  • Use a kickboard and pool noodle correctly
  • Respond to cue words for closing eyes, closing mouth, going underwater and coming back up
  • Back float with parent guidance and start learning rotation
  • Jump in from the pool side and return to the poolside
  • Move along the wall independently
  • Enter and exit the water safely
Competency outcomes: Your child develops their confidence in water including going underwater and moving independently.


This parent-and-child class is designed for children 1-2 years old. Your child will learn how to propel themself in water, supported by you. The focus is kick and paddle to move in water.

In this class we teach:

  • Correct adult holding positions for your child to float on their back and balance on their front
  • Your child holding the poolside independently using the grasp reflex, with you close by
  • Going underwater and cue words for breath control
  • Blowing bubbles on the water surface
  • Buoyancy; feel and balance in the water
  • Correct kick and paddle for forward movement in water
  • Safe pool entry and exit for you with your child

Competency outcomes: You are confident supporting your child as they move in water. Your child has a relaxed body position on their front and back and is comfortable moving forward underwater, floating assisted and blowing bubbles.

3-12 year olds


In this 3-12 year-old class we introduce your child to freestyle. Your child learns to:

  • Swim freestyle with a streamlined body position
  • Use the bubble and breath technique with head in correct position
  • Do freestyle arms with high elbows and glide on entry
  • Do freestyle and backstroke continuous kick with floppy feet
  • Co-ordinate arms and head for one-sided freestyle
  • Develop from a crouching dive to a standing dive
Competency outcome: Your child can swim one-sided freestyle continuously for 10m Prerequisites:
  • Swims unassisted for 10 metres
  • Glides several metres on top of and under water with body in streamlined position
  • Floats on back for 10 seconds unassisted


This 3-12 year-old class builds on your child's freestyle technique and introduces backstroke. Your child learns to:

  • Do correct backstroke arms
  • Do correct backstroke legs
  • Co-ordinate backstroke arms and legs with correct body and head position
  • Swim freestyle with breathing on both sides (bilateral breathing)
  • Do a standing dive
Competency outcomes: Your child can swim backstroke and bilateral freestyle continuously for 20m
  • Swims co-ordinated one-sided freestyle continuously for 10 metres, including
  • Keeps face looking down in water and breathing to one side
  • Keeps legs straight and kicks continuously with floppy feet
  • Arms clear the water with high elbows and hands glide on entry
  • Keeps body in streamlined position
Note: your child should already be competent swimming freesytle breathing to one side. If not, the Fit 2 Freestyle level would be a better fit.


This class introduces your child to breaststroke, as well as building on their freestyle and backstroke technique. Your child learns to:

  • Do correct and efficient breaststroke kick
  • Do correct breaststroke arms, pull and glide with correct head position
  • Co-ordinate breaststroke arms and legs
  • Refine freestyle and backstroke technique
  • Perform freestyle and backstroke tumble turns
Competency outcomes: Your child can swim breaststroke for 20 metres, and swim 40m freestyle and backstroke with more advanced technique. Prerequisites:
  • Swims coordinated two-sided freestyle for 20 metres
  • Swims coordinated backstroke for 20 metres
  • Performs standing dive into pool with fingers and head entering water first


This class introduces your child to butterfly, as well as building on their freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke technique. Your child learns to:

  • Do correct and efficient butterfly kick
  • Do correct butterfly arms and head
  • Co-ordinate butterfly arms, head and legs
  • Refine freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke technique
  • Perform breaststroke and butterfly touch turns
Competency outcomes: Your child can swim 20m butterfly, and swim 40m freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke with more advanced technique. Prerequisites:
  • Swims continuous laps of backstroke and two-sided freestyle
  • Swims co-ordinated breaststroke for 20m with correct legs and glide


In this 3-12 year-olds pre-strokes class we teach your child to progress from dog paddle by developing a correct streamlined body position. Your child learns to:

  • Do a strong front and back kick with correct feet and ankle position
  • Develop correct body position
  • Rotate from front float to back float
  • Push and glide from the pool side, on top of and below water
  • Do a crouching dive from the pool side
  • Skull on back to side of pool
  • Introduce big arms
Competency outcomes: Your child glides several metres through the water using a streamlined body position. Prerequisites:
  • Swims dog paddle unassisted for 5 metres
  • Puts face underwater, blows bubbles and comes back up
  • Back floats unassisted for 5 seconds
  • Does safety jump from side of pool and swims back to wall


This beginner class is for 3-12 year olds who aren't yet able to move independently through the water. Your child learns to:

  • Enter and exit the water safely
  • Kick on front and back
  • Use a kickboard and pool noodle correctly
  • Respond to cue words for closing eyes, closing mouth, putting face underwater, blowing bubbles and coming back up
  • Float on back
  • Jump in from the pool side and return to the side
  • Dog paddle
Competency outcomes: Your child is confident putting their face underwater and moving forward in the water independently for a short distance



This class is designed for competent swimmers looking to enhance their swimming fitness and prepare for competition. We provide stroke correction for all four competitive strokes in a fun team environment. We also develop racing techniques such as starts, turns and finishes. The speed and endurance you develop through these squad sessions will take your swimming to a whole new level!


This squad-style class is designed for confident freestyle and backstroke swimmers who want to increase their strength, speed, fitness and endurance through continuous swimming, while continuing to refine their technique.



This class is designed for teens or adults learning to swim for the first time or simply looking for stroke correction. Learning to swim at an older age can be a daunting task but our private setting and caring staff will make the goal much more achievable. Our pool is a consistent depth of 1.2m with no deep end, meaning you can stand comfortably should you have any concerns. Join one of our classes. It's never too late to experience the joy of swimming!


Our squad sessions are more than just swimming laps. It is an engaging program for teens or adults to push their fitness to the next level. This swimming group is about fun, friendship and personal improvement. Our swimming coaches offer advice, provide challenging sessions, and encourage your improvement.

Private lessons


You are welcome to arrange a term of private lessons with one of our instructors. This can be helpful for students needing additional support or encouragement with being in water. Or perhaps you are trying to achieve certain swimming competencies that would benefit from some extra attention. Either way, our caring and capable staff can provide the personal assistance you require.



"Fit2Swim has professional instructors, passionate about teaching others to swim and has gained a reputation for being able to help children fearful of water overcome their fears. My son benefited greatly from their lessons."