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Staying COVID-safe

Updated: Jun 24

Fit2Swim is pleased to be a COVID-safe business. We greatly appreciate you following these COVID-safety rules:

  1. Check-in using the QR code at the entrance to our centre.

  2. Unless you are in the water, masks must be worn inside the building.

  3. Strictly one adult is allowed to accompany their children inside the building. Any other adults will be asked to wait outside.

  4. For older children, eg 7+, please drop off and pick up if possible. Staff will be on hand to assist them.

  5. Be respectful of others and maintain 1.5m between families both inside and outside the centre.

  6. Your child should arrive just in time for their lesson, already dressed in their swimsuit and leave promptly.

  7. Baby and toddler classes please enter the water from the middle of the pool and then make your way to your lesson through the water when the session starts. At the end of the lesson, please exit via the ladders.

  8. The on-deck showers are available for rinsing off. The bathroom shower remains closed.

Staff will be on hand to assist you if you have any questions. Thank you for helping to keep Fit2Swim COVID-safe.


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